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Former Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra music director Christopher Seaman

Roots: My main home is in Glasgow, Scotland. I get back every couple of months approximately; most of my closest friends are there. I moved to Rochester in 1998.

Regional raves: I like the spring and the fall—I don’t like extreme heat; I’m British. And I love the orchestra and I love the community. And I’m excited by the potential of artistic growth and musical opportunities. Now is a very exciting time to be here.

It’s a lovely city. East Avenue is such a pretty street. You go out there and it gets more and more leafy. One soloist came, an Englishman. He kept saying, “This place is so civilized.” And this is an English pianist.

Favorite restaurant: Whoever’s donating the most money to the RPO

If the RPO were food … It would be a smorgasbord because of the huge variety of talent and the huge variety of flavors.

RPO kudos: First of all, the quality of the musicians. Second of all, the culture, which is music first, and dedication, commitment to giving our utmost. This kind of positiveness and of putting music first rather than putting the ego first is a feature all of the guest conductors notice. It’s worth saying that.

On being a conductor: It’s an unusual job. I was speaking to our guest conductor and at the age of 8 we both knew we wanted to be conductors. Coincidentally, both of us wanted to be bus drivers. I think it’s something to do with being in charge.

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