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Park Avenue

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Between Culver Road and Alexander Street, Park Avenue is a tree-shaded, residential neighborhood. Restaurants, salons and shops are tucked among Victorian homes on the milelong route.

Bistros and cafes make up the majority of Park Avenue businesses; the biggest concentration is near Berkeley Street. Al fresco dining turns the sidewalks into patios during the summer. Besides restaurants, there are antique dealers and gift shops, plus convenience stores and a laundry that serve the students and professionals who live in nearby apartments. A wine shop offers happy-hour tastings.

In this relaxed environment, you may forget you’re inside city limits. Take a stroll down side streets and head north a block to see the mansions of East Avenue, one of the country’s premier preservation districts. These were the grand homes of the leaders who shaped Rochester.


Pour Coffee Parlour
23 Somerton St. Rochester, NY 14607
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